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Family Connects has helped us out so much, with things for myself as well as my two daughters. I had my baby at 36 weeks and we had nothing prepared for her arrival. Thanks to Family Connects we received so much help with clothes for my newborn as well as my 2 year old daughter, a baby swing and a car seat. Thank you everyone for your great job and a special thanks to [our nurse], thank you times a million, may God bless you and may you be able to continue to help many more people.
Family Connects North Texas Mom
The program is so helpful, provides me peace, and definitely offers good services that are very reliable with good and trustworthy information. The nurse was so kind, sweet to talk to, and was very good with children, my daughter loved her. We will miss her and thank her so very much.
Cassandra F.
The [Family Connects North Texas] program is great for coming to mothers to check blood pressure and baby weight. I really appreciate the program and am so thankful with [my nurse] that she brought me a lot of information that I did not know about. She is very kind.
Maria M.
When I was in the hospital for my c-section, I was surprised when two ladies showed up in my room saying a nurse was coming to my home just to check on me and on my baby, which didn’t happen with my previous kids. They gave me a time and a date. When the time for the appointment came a nice nurse showed up and we were really glad she came to my house that day. I wasn’t feeling good, but I thought it was normal because of my c-section. I told her how I felt and my symptoms, and she sent me to the doctor because I had symptoms of a blood clot. I called my doctor that day and they sent me to the emergency room and I did have a blood clot. I am really happy, blessed, and thankful to this program because if the nurse wouldn’t have come, my problem could have gotten bigger and maybe ended up really bad, even death. So they are really a blessing to me and I hope more moms like me, that think it can be normal to feel bad because of what they went through [during birth], can benefit from the program and prevent more severe issues for her and her family.
Maria H.

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